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Cosmo Tires are built with an industry-leading "quality to value" proposition that sets us apart from all other tire brands. We are constantly innovating and pushing the limits of design while using top quality materials and construction methods that squeeze the maximum performance, top safety and best value out of every tire. At Cosmo, we care about the environment: our manufacturing is held to a very high standard not only in terms of quality but in terms of environmentally friendly practices. Ride with Cosmo as we deliver on our promise!

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Cosmo Tires rolled out in 1994 and has been delivering exceptional performance and value ever since. We started by manufacturing bias (nylon) tires for light truck, truck, industrial, agricultural and off-road applications. We grew slowly and cautiously, always making sure that the products we brought to market embodied our philosophy of combining performance, quality, safety and value.

From our humble beginnings, Cosmo has grown into an industry leader, bringing innovation with every new product.  Today, Cosmo Tires has expanded production into passenger car, light truck and truck and bus radial. We currently manufacture a wide range of sizes and patterns for thousands of applications.

Innovation is our go-to, not only for designing new products, but marketing, naming and promoting our awesome designs. Cosmo Tires’ tread patterns and sidewalls are crafted to have unique style while tire model names are fun and personable. We want your tire purchasing and user experience to be pleasant, worry-free and memorable. Ready to roll with the big kat?

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“Been driving ‘round on the Cosmo MuchoMachos, and I must say, I have a very good first impression. The grip feels really good, the response [is] very natural and controllable, and the ride and directional stability all feel like a quality tire at a much higher price.”

Randy Pobst
Professional Race Car Driver
& MotorTrend Writer

Randy Pobst has over 90 professional racing wins, including four World Challenge GT Championships and two 24 Hours of Daytona wins.

Image Source: @randypobst

Word From The Jungle

Amazing tires. The feel great on the highway and they also feel good from a 0-60. They grip really well. I also have the mucho macho tires on the front. Running a staggered fitment. 275-35-20 on the front and 315-35-20 in the rear. So bought a full set of cosmo tires. Great tires

Tire Model: TigerTail | Size: 315/35R20 ZR 110W XL

Christopher L.

Excellent tires . F-450 6.0L turbo-diesel. Truck runs perfect!

Tire Model: CT588 | Tire Size: 225/70R19.5 128/126M

Efrain M.

I love these tires, I needed new tires bad after slide in the middle of an intersection due to heavy rain and a lil too much gas on the throttle, these tires are grippy in the rain, smooth riding, quiet cabin noise and race car when you need them to be.

Tire Model: Mucho Macho | Tire Size: 245/40ZR18 97Y XL

Zebedee Spruill

Great tires for both the street and the track! I like the balance of quality, performance, and affordability.

Tire Model: Mucho Macho

Amber Yost - Professional Drift Driver