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Nearly all technology that trickled down to passenger and daily use vehicles was born in the cauldron of automotive racing*. High speeds, high stress and high temperatures over a prolonged period of time are the perfect natural filters that separate weaker products from stronger, more reliable technology. We love putting our tires on the racetrack for two reasons:

4  Championships
26 Podium Finishes
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“Been driving ‘round on the Cosmo MuchoMachos, and I must say, I have a very good first impression. The grip feels really good, the response [is] very natural and controllable, and the ride and directional stability all feel like a quality tire at a much higher price.”

Randy Pobst
Professional Race Car Driver
& MotorTrend Writer

Randy Pobst has over 90 professional racing wins, including four World Challenge GT Championships and two 24 Hours of Daytona wins.

Image Source: @randypobst


Cosmo Tires partners with the Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, FL, to sponsor the Cosmo Tires Autocross Track at PBIR. Autocross is a true test of skill and handling: racers* compete against each other via timed laps on a small, complex circuit. The best time wins - no long straightaways, no high-horsepower advantage. Cosmo sponsors autocross because on the small, compact and narrow circuit, autocross drivers cannot rely on horsepower and speed; just their skill, precision and tire grip. When every 1/10th of a second matters, and a lapse in traction means the difference between first and last place, tires have to perform for lap upon lap. Our MuchoMacho tires provide the grip and performance for the most precise and challenging autocross layout.*** In addition to sponsoring the track, Cosmo Tires offers cash prizes for the "Fastest Kats," the fastest and second-fastest drivers competing on Cosmo Tires. At the end of the season, the Fastest Kats get an opportunity to compete in a points championship to win Cosmo Tires! See full Autocross schedule here!

Street Racing Made Safe

Autocross is a true test of skill, precision and tire grip. Racers* compete with each other on a track set up to take away any high-horsepower advantage. In addition to relying on your own skill, concentration and accuracy, the proper tire can make a difference between a quicker stop, a tighter corner, and faster acceleration, adding up to precious seconds at the finish line. For maximum performance, the Cosmo MuchoMacho has no equal on an autocross track.***

O'Town Endurance Racing for Cosmo Tires

A Class Team

O'Town racing competes in the A Class of the 24 Hours of Lemons. O'Town's Cosmo Tires Audi TT coupe is race-prepped to go up against the best in the Lemons series in a high-stakes competition of speed and endurance. We put MuchoMacho tires on our A Class car because we KNOW these tires can hold up to the rigors of prolonged high-speed racing, day and night, in any condition.

Team Racing Cosmo #55

B Class Team

Our endurance racing team* competes in the ChampCar, Lucky Dog and 24 Hours of Lemons Racing Series, pitting our Racing Cosmo, the #55 Ford Crown Victoria painted with Cosmo tiger decals and running on MuchoMacho and Real Cat 17 tires, against other endurance racing teams. The ChampCar series 7 to 24-hour endurance racing competitions on some of the most famous racetracks, including world-famous tracks like the Daytona International Speedway, Watkins Glen International, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Road America, and Sebring International Raceway. The Lemons series, featuring The 24 Hours of Lemons is something a lot more silly and wacky! Our 5-person endurance racing team "endures" 24 hours of "budget-friendly" racing. We compete in endurance racing to support motorsports, because it is great fun and most importantly, an awesome opportunity to test our tires under grueling racing conditions!***

Cosmo Tires Half-Fast Racing Team #222 & #223

C Class Team

Cosmo Tires' second entry into the endurance racing world came with team Half-Fast Racing. Half-Fast Racing's first race with Cosmo ran a white #222 Volkswagen Beetle, and a red #223 Volkswagen Beetle at the 24 Hours of Lemons at NOLA Motorsports Park outside New Orleans, Louisiana. This Lemons race* provided another great opportunity to test the Cosmo MuchoMacho tires' longevity under the extreme conditions of endurance racing. The results speak for themselves: The #222 Beetle finished 5th in its class, going up against much faster and more powerful race vehicles.***

*Racing is a dangerous activity that should only be performed by professionals on closed courses.
**Drifting/racing causes extreme stress on tires that can lead to tire failure and injury.
***Using Cosmo Tires to race will void warranty.
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Formula Drift pro, Zach Calvin

Losing traction, sliding, and spinning wheels eats up tires more than anything else. How about a motorsport where THE ENTIRE POINT is to lose traction, slide and spin wheels? Drifting** is somewhere between a sport and an art form, demanding impeccable skill, precision, and performance out of cars and tires. Just like drifting demands the best out of drivers and their vehicles, Cosmo demands the best out of our tires. Cosmo and drifting** are a match made in car heaven - we LOVE seeing our tires carve up the track!

Upcoming Motorsports Events of 2022

MAY 22

Street Racing Made Safe Autocross
- AMR Motorplex in Homestead, FL

June 4

Formula Drift at Sebring International Raceway

June 10 - 12

Florida Truck Meet at Homestead Miami Speedway

June 24 - 26

Klutch Kickers at Freedom Factory in Bradenton, FL

July 22

Street Racing Made Safe Autocross
- AMR Motorplex in Homestead, FL

July 24

Street Racing Made Safe Autocross
- AMR Motorplex in Homestead, FL

July 30

Ridealong-O-Rama Fundraiser
- Orlando Speed World in Orlando, FL

August 12 - 14

Klutch Kickers at Freedom Factory in Bradenton, FL

August 27 & 28

Formula Drift
- Sebring International Raceway in Sebring, FL

September 9 - 11

Holly LS Fest
- Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY

September 10 & 11

24 Hours of Lemons
- High Plains Raceway in Deer Trail, CO

September 24 & 25

24 Hours of Lemons
- NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, KY

October 2

Street Racing Made Safe Autocross
- AMR Motorplex in Homestead, FL

October 7-10

Total Off Road Expo
- Wimauma, FL

October 9

After Dark Drifting Event
- Orlando SpeedWorld in Orlando, FL

October 21 - 23

Klutch Kickers
- Freedom Factory in Bradenton, FL

October 23

- Miami Motorcross Park in Hialeah, FL

October 29

Frankenslide Drifting Event
- Orlando SpeedWorld in Orlando, FL

November 1 - 4

- Las Vegas, NV

November 11 - 13

Klutch Kickers
- Freedom Factory in Bradenton, FL

November 18 - 20

Black Friday Drift
- Orlando SpeedWorld in Orlando, FL

December 3

Drivers Appreciation Day
- Orlando SpeedWorld in Orlando, FL

DEcember 10 & 11

24 Hours of Lemons
Michelin Raceway - Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA

DEcember 11

Street Racing Made Safe Autocross
- AMR Motorplex in Homestead, FL