About Cosmo

Cosmo brand was launched in 1994. Initially, our product line included Light Truck Bias (LTB) and Truck Bias (TBB) tires. Since 1994 we have entered into various other market segments including industrial (IN), agriculture (AG) and off-the-road tires (OTR).

In 2009, we introduced our Radial Truck line (TBR) and we have been constantly adding new sizes in this segment. Further developments will be forthcoming in light truck (LT) (mud-terrain, all-terrain patterns) as well as passenger car radial (PCR).

Manufacturing Facilities

Cosmo has multiple production facilities throughout Asia. Each facility has been chosen for its commitment to producing high quality products. Our facilities are continually audited by our engineering staff to assure a high level of quality in all our product segments. Cosmo engineers work with our manufactures on all facets of tire design, tire construction, compounding, and curing processes. This assures all Cosmo tires will meet and exceed your expectations


All Cosmo tires have the highest certifications in the industry. (ECE, DOT, GCC, CCC, INMETRO, NOM, y TS14969).