Word From The Jungle

"Bought these recently online, without knowing much of the brand. Tires look great and was pleasantly surprised to see the tire comes with a road hazard warranty. That is awesome."

Tire Model: RC-17 | Tire Size: 215/55ZR17

Carl Mckenzie

"Bought these online because they were an affordable option and the tires look really good. Don’t know much about tires, but really happy with my purchase."

Tire Model: Mucho Macho | Tire Size: 225/50ZR17

Jennifer Case

"Impressive traction wet and semi wet condition. Tires are more on the softer compound side and over exceptional quality with decent ride. 2008 G35 Sedan."

Tire Model: Mucho Macho | Tire Size: 225/55ZR17 XL

Antwon Chin

"Bought these tires about 6 months ago because a buddy of mine recommended them, and they are awesome! Tire rides so smooth, makes no noise when I take tight corners. So happy with my purchase!! Happy to be a Kool Kat…lol!!"

Tire Model: Mucho Macho | Tire Size: 245/45ZR19 XL

Kevin Lentons