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Cosmo Tires is committed to providing you with products that are of the highest quality and built with safety in mind. It is important to register your tires in the unlikely event of a recall or warranty claim.

To complete your registration in just three easy steps, you will need your receipt, dealer and tire information. Please ensure all information entered is complete and accurate. We are not responsible for incorrectly-submitted information. Errors in tire registration information may cause issues with warranty claims, and you may not be able to receive information pertinent to your tire purchase.

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Warranty & Customer Care registration

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If you are registering more than one tire, please separate each tire model, size, and ID # with a comma (,).
*Tire ID # is a combination of the letters "DOT" followed by 8 to 13 letters and/or numbers. Make sure you enter each tire's ID number as they may be different.

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